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at Shenkman Centre in Orleans, Ontario

Santa and his elves are hard at work trying to meet the deadline for Christmas, and one elf is not happy about all this work. Grumpy elf, 'Maurice' runs into the Evil Snow Queen who wants to steal the elves and get them to work in her snow factory. The Snow Queen's gives Maurice a magic potion to give Santa that will stop Christmas. Good Elf, 'Troy' is told of a secret cookie by a Snow Fairy that will cure Santa. He must venture into the woods to find it with the help of the fairy and two of the silliest elves tagging along. Not about to be undone, the Snow Queen sends her Agent 'Slush' and the Abominable Snowman after Troy and the others to stop there adventure. Can Troy's group find the magic cookie in time to save Christmas? Come find out! 

Santa Claus
played by Michel St-Francois - Jolly ol'Saint Nicholas

Evelyne, Santa’s Daughter
 played by Angel Morden - Santa's teenage daughter. Helps run Santa's workshop and has a crush on Troy.

Troy, Good Elf  played by Brent Landry - Loving and friendly elf. Helps run the workshop always ready to help and secretly in love with Evelyne. 

Maurice, Grumpy Elf played by Kim Reynolds - is not a bad elf, just lazy and anti-social. Wants to have a vacation from all the work.  

Snow Queen played by Tara Fitzsimmons - of the North, will not stop until she accomplishes her goal at covering the World in ice and snow. 

Agent Slush played by David McNorgan - Snow Queen secret agent. Want's nothing more than to please his Queen.

Abominable Snowman played by Peter Frayne - Legendary monster, forced to serve the Snow Queen with her evil plan.

Salt & Pepper, Silly Elves played by Lili Miller & Janette Smith - Tag team duo. Always ready to help and always creating mischief.

Magenta, Snow Fairy (Dame) played by Kevin Rockel - Just graduated fairy school and looking to prove herself worthy.

Chorus (Elves, Snow queen helpers, extras) 

Katie Webb, Elitza Kouame, Dylan Adamson, Campbell Storey, Leah Attree, Jessica Rockel, Serena Reynolds and Keira Fitzsimmons.

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