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at Shenkman Centre in Orleans, Ontario

Auditions will be Sunday September 10th from 11am to 3pm.  At OYP in the Shenkman Art Centre. If you cannot make the audition time please Email EET to make other arraignments. Below is an list of characters to be cast. Note the ones that say singing.

 Squire to the Prince (M) - Singing (1)

 Page to Baron Hardupp (M) - Singing (4)

Cinderella,  The Baron's daugther (F) - Singing (3)

Baron Hardupp,  Of Stoneybroke Mansion  (M)

Baroness Hardupp,  His new wife (F) or (M,Dame character)*

Asphyxia,  Her daughter (M,Dame character) or (F)* - Singing (1)

Euthanasia, Her other daughter (M,Dame character) or (F)* - Singing (1)

Ammer & Tongs, The brokers man (M or F)

Prince Charming,  Of castle Glamorous (M) - Singing (1)

Fairy Godmother (F)

Chorus (Villagers, Footmen, extras)(one to play the Major Domo) - Singing

*Directors note: The turn out for the auditions will be the factor deciding on the dame roles. If needed both daughters can be female and the Dame will be the Baroness.